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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Friday Night Fight 2e: The Second Match

The match with Lamar Hart before the trainer had stopped shouting at me. At least he'd stop doing that during the match!
Too bad it's another Smoker...only three rounds of silence!

First round:
I began by closing with a hook that he defended. He met me with a jab that I admit I felt. Then another.
And then I dived under the damn jabs and hit him in the ribs, and again, and then I clocked him in the kisser, and on the ear, pushing him back to the ropes.
Then I kept bashing him, finding his eye, which started to swell. I swear the referee was considering a standing KO, but the guy raised his gloves, no problem, and even hit back.
Then I started going for his head. Hit him with a good left hook, then a right. I bet his ears were ringing!
So I continued with an uppercut to the jaw, of course. I thought he was only holding because of the ropes! 
And then he managed to cover up while I was trying to give him a big swing, and managed a clinch. Lucky bastard.
Well, we were still in the first part of the round...

I closed fast, but he met me with a right straight, putting me on the ropes. I tried to lean back and hook, and somehow the nooks of our elbows met in the air, and we got into a clinch. I guess he'd had the same idea.
We both used the time until the end to recover as much as possible, and then he managed to clinch me a couple more times, because we both knew him to be in worse shape. But it was an unanimous 10:9 for me.

Second Round
The less one says about the second round, the better. If it wasn't for the first round, I'd be sorry for not delivering the blood the public had come to see.
I mean, I clocked him once or twice, but not nearly enough to be decisive. The judges decided that the round was 10-10, the motherwhorin' bastards.

The Third Round was 10-10 again. He got a jab or two on me, and I got a left hook in, but it didn't connect well.
Too bad he wasn't a chick. The mudwrestling might have had a point, then.
Sure, given the first round, I'm the winner. But the trainer's going to beat me sore with the pads!

Well, I got some fame out of it, or should I say, notoriety.

Next opponent is Egar Garcia, said the trainer. Classical swarmer, not much of a punch, but steady and has quick reflexes.
I wondered whether he's scared already?
He'd better be. I'll give him all the reasons he might need.