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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Orc Sorcerers are knife-based

I decided to create some characters for the new year. I don't really expect to use them, though who knows?
First: I wanted a crunchy system.
Fantasy Craft made a nice choice. And since I'm doing d20, might as well go for a magic-user!

Human (with some orc blood)

Str 13
Dex 13
Con 9
Int 18
Wis 13
Cha 12

Base Speed 30 ft
3 studies
+5 Bonus with Knowledge Checks
5 Languages (Native included)
Slow and Steady
Charming: Once per session, improve Disposition ofnon-adversary by 1
Spellcasting and Intimidate are Paired skills
Terrifying Look: +4 to the DC of Stress Damage

Tricks and Actions:
Canny Swing

Feats: Orc Blood+Lost Tribe: Gruelling Combatant
Subtle and Quick to Anger
Knife Basics (Stance: Wicked Dance)/Lightning Reflexes (+3 Reflex)?

Class Skills:
Bluff 4
Crafting 1
Impress 4
Intimidate 4
Investigate 4
Medicine 2
Notice 4
Prestidigitation 4
Resolve 4
Ride 1
Search 4
Sense Motive 4
Spellcasting: 4
Vitality: 5

Edged Forte

Arcane Adept:
4 additional 0-level spells
Spend 1-3 AD (unexploding) to gain that number of spell points as a free action

BAB: +0 (+4 Edged, +1 otherwise)
Def: +0 (+1)
Init: +1
Lifestyle: +1
Legend: +1
SP: 2

Fort: -1
Ref: +1
Will: +3

Spells: Campaign-dependent, obviously, so I'm not going to pick them.

OK, so we have a human living in a cosmopolitan city, whose grand-gradn-grand-mother was an orc ("my green cutie-pie!") He still has relatives among the orcs, and learned the basics of knife-fencing that is rumoured to be taught by said grand-grand-grand-mother...or at least, enough of it to kill many people.
If he could stay alive. He's not as fast as his father, though, being more of an intellectual.
Instead, he focused on noticing dangers so he wouldn't get in, and intimidating people who had heard about his family style into not fighting. That got him through adolescence on the streets.
And after that, his power was backed by magic.

That was good, but it was also a bit...seriously, just how long is that thing? And I don't mean his history.

Then I decided to try something lighter. And that's how we got...Elfrid.

System: Mongoose Traveller v2.0 (a.k.a. MgT2e)
Elfrid C6784A
Age 44/46 (if you fail a survival roll, do you still add a full 4 years, or just 2?)

Athletics 1 (Strength), Deception 0, Gambler 1, Gun Combat 0, Jack of All Trades 1, Melee (Unarmed) 1, Recon 0, Persuade 0, Stealth 1, Streetwise 0
Rival-Prison Guard
Blade, 1200 Cr
Born in a well-known family, and having lived in relative comfort, Elfrid decided to steal from people he knew. After all, he'd never met anyone as strong as himself, so he reasoned he could knock a guard on the head if need be.
That was his first mistake. The second was not noticing a sensor...
He was sent in prison for years. Years became decades as he racked up other crimes, having joined gangs in prison (though he was, luckily, neither a victim nor a participant in the infamous prison riot of 15 years ago). A prison guard took a dislike to him, however, and helped make his life hell.
In the end, he relized even good behaviour (he tried that as well) wouldn't help him get parole. Not before age had made him lose his strength, slowed his reflexes...and a shiv, or just a flurry of kicks once he was down, would likely do the rest.
So he joined the infamous prison escape from last year. Somehow, it did succeed in sneaking on a shuttle.
He's still on the run. But then, it means he's still free, too!

OK, I like them both. In fact, I like Gruummarco a bit better, as a character...but he's got a better balance between mechanics and fluff, in my book.
I was tempted to make Elfrid test for being a psionic (after he got out), but at the end decided against it.
I can always add it. And a debt would help propulse him into adventures!