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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tianxia/FATE Core: First session

So, we played our first session (face-to-face, despite the link later talking about PbP). It's more "Chinese Hercules" and less "Hero", but it's definitely fun.
However, since I've posted an Actual Play already, it seems redundant to do it again. So, here's the link to the Big Purple!

And here's a draft of the character I'm playing. WARNING, the rest of the characters aren't from our group, and this isn't about our game! I just posted a character for review (one of his Aspects is different now, though (Got rid of the "searching my sister" aspect and picked a Tai Lung got me once"Aspect).
Seems like I've mistaken a rule interpretation, but it didn't matter. I've only used Forest techniques in the session, and not all of them!