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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Third Monthly Open RPG Day 2013 in Sofia: On Mighty Thews

So, I've written on this blog that we had decided to conduct an RPG event in my home city of Sofia. Now, we've decided to make it a monthly one.
We call it Open RPG Day, because it's like Free RPG Day, except you don't get a quickstart for participating. Instead, we give you the opportunity to try a new game.
The GM has to explain the rules before the game starts, and you're better off assuming the people have never seen your game.

This time, I ran On Mighty Thews. The above is the map we created before play began, as the game instructs you to do.
The game started with them running after the army they were in has been decimated by the Raiders.
It ended with the Mischievous Amazon becoming the ruler in King's Whore Store, along with the practical healer, the extreme guy dead by the hand of another PC, the ambitious thief running away with extremely valuable emeralds.

Also, the new Amazon regent and the healer decided that they don't need to change the castle's name (which I named in memory of King Robert, I must admit). "We're women, but it just means the whores will be male now."
I call this "gender equality in action"!