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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Something one of my players painted for her FWTD character

That's how she imagines her character meeting the NPC Sitting Oak* from my Fates Worse than Death campaign.
If you're wondering, the man is about 230 cm tall due to genetic augmentation (which anyone can purchase in this setting). He's also a powerlifter, and works as a bouncer in a run down hotel his nephew is running, and has a weird sense of humour, so it all fits.

The picture is how we decided their meeting would go, whenever they meet (or if they have met already. We're still talking about it, since it doesn't matter in the game right now).

"When he learns she's a Bleeder, Sitting Oak picks Vian by the neck and puts her on a chair. Then he disappears in the kitchen and comes back with a bowl.
'No running, please. You eat. Now. We'll talk later.'"

*Yes, the name makes no sense in Native Indian traditions. Sitting Oak picked it for a reason when he decided to abandon those. The players don't know the reason. Actually, like most people, they think he's still following them. He's not disabusing anyone of these notions.

Here's her DeviantArt account.