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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Skin Borg NPC for FWTD

Abdul "Neen" Taylor
Level 3 Skin Borg
Social Class: Well
Attributes: AWR 7, AGY 13, CHM 5, END 8, INL 11, SPD 10, STH 11, WIL 8, BLD 3, BDY 4, INCY 5
    Archeology/Paleontology (5)
    Boxing (6)
    Chemical Analysis (6)
    Computer Modeling (5)
    Forensic Pathology (6)
    Genetics: Anatomical (4)
    Genetics: Botanical (3)
    Knife Fighting (3)
    Law: Basic (6)
    Law: Tech (5)
    Light Sleep (3)
    Nanoengineering (5)
    Programming: Virus (2)
    Sniffing (2)
    Sports (6)
    Street Fighting: Unarmed (1)
    Swimming (4)
    Wrestling (1)
    In Pockets: Switchblade, Lock Picks: Professional, Lock Picks: Professional, Cellphone
    On Person: Palmtop (Organizer), 2 Knives (Combat), Wetsuit, Steel Toed Boots, Various Armor, Bug Sweeper
    Body Modifications: Cracks
    Armor: None
    Goals: Abdul wants to help people and make the world a better place.
    Sexuality: Abdul is heterosexual.
    Relationships: Abdul wants a monogamous relationship and wants or has kids.
    Violence: Abdul uses violence, but only against people who are weaker and when there is no chance of getting caught.
    Self-Improvement: Abdul doesn’t think anything needs to be changed about himself.
    Fears: Abdul's greatest fear is having his terrible secret exposed.’
    Social Skills: Abdul has satisfactory social skills
    Personality: Abdul is patronizing, egalitarian, easily confused, unable to say 'no.'
    Bad Habits: Abdul has no bad habits
    Hates: Abdul hates dirt/ugliness
    Soft Spot: Abdul always likes/trusts/helps leaders
    Personal Ideals: Selfless Martyr, Witty Banterer
    Worldviews: Animalist, Buddhist, Humor
    Neurological Issues: Abdul has no real problems.
    Religion: Abdul is a Christian.
    Politics: Abdul is not interested in politics or has no particular ideology.
    Drugs: Abdul uses drugs every night, whatever he can get a hold of.
    Culture/Nationality: Abdul was raised in America in an immigrant community.
    Family: Abdul's (biological) family lives outside the city, he doesn’t speak to them often.
    Ethnicity: Abdul is mostly or wholly Caucasian.
    Style: Abdul usually wears an Old School Gang style.
    Outfit: Baseball cap, bright red lipstick and thick black eyeliner, grey denim jacket, cargo pants, knee and elbow pads, expensive basketball shoes