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Friday, 12 July 2013

[FWTD] A Black Trader operating in Skin Borgs territory

Antoinette "Big Bill" Griffin

She's the Black Trader near the bridge, who's selling "skins" to the Skin Borgs... since recently, she's been doing so at discounted prices.
Being the charmer, she wants to exploit people sexually.Her "speciality" in illegal business, however, is seeling mental installation time. On top of that, she arranges for addicts to fight to the death. They're given impractical knives, stoned on God Killer, and sent to entertain the public. Antoinette takes a share of the bets and the admission tax.
Recently, her ring has been exposed by a NYPD "sting" and she suspects she has been caught on tape running the show. She's right, as our Utopia child can attest.

Level 2 Trader
Social Class: Indie
Attributes: AWR 10, AGY 7, CHM 11, END 5, INL 11, SPD 9, STH 9, WIL 5, BLD 4, BDY 4, INCY 4
    Card Counting (1)
    City Knowledge (2)
    Corporations (2)
    Law (Basic) (1)
    Law (International) (1)
    Mental Programming (3)
    Music (1)
    Network Protocols (2)
    Pathology (1)
    Poisons (4)
    Precognition (2)
    Programming: VR (2)
    Self-defence weapons (2)
    Slam (1)
    Street Drugs (1)
    Trading (1) 

    In Pockets: Cigarettes and Lighter, Keychain Flashlight, 2 Taser Guns, $30 worth of drugs and the necessary drug paraphernalia
    On Person: Instrument (Electronic), Palmtop (Linework), Sterilization Spray, Drake Blood Poison, Drake Deleriant, Chlorine Cocktail, Laptop (Used), Cellular Modem, Swiss Army Knife (Electronic, Large), Cellphone (Used), Pepper Spray, Gasmask
    Body Modifications: None
    Armor: None

    Goals: Antoinette wants to be a good member of her religion.
    Sexuality: Antoinette is heterosexual.
    Relationships: Antoinette wants to exploit people sexually.
    Violence: Antoinette uses violence as a tool for making money.
    Self-Improvement: Antoinette thinks she doesn't need to change.
    Fears: Antoinette's greatest fear is a disfiguring disease.
    Social Skills: Outside of business negotiations, Antoinette is shy, awkward or oblivious unless she feels she's holding all the cards.
    Personality: Antoinette is brave, grandiose, wants to control everything.
    Bad Habits: Antoinette thinks in absolutes.
    Hates: Antoinette hates weak people
    Soft Spot: Antoinette always likes/trusts/helps charming people
    Personal Ideals: Cool Under Pressure, Mature Wisdom, Witty Banterer
    Worldviews: Ponderer, Superstitious, Utilitarian
    Neurological Issues: Antoinette has no real problems.
    Religion: Antoinette is Roman Catholic.
    Politics: Antoinette is not interested in politics.
    Drugs: Antoinette is addicted to drugs, not trying hard to quit.

    Culture/Nationality: Antoinette was raised in America by 'ordinary' Americans and fees pride about her heritage.
    Family: Antoinette's (biological) family lives outside the city, Antoinette keeps her lifestyle secret from them. 

    Ethnicity: Antoinette is mostly or wholly Caucasian.
    Style: Antoinette usually wears an extreme Goth style. She's attractive above the average, probably due to some doctor's skill.
    Outfit: Spiky black hair with long bangs, white face powder, black t-shirt with a band name on it, black pants, elbow-length velvet gloves with fur fringe, shiny black dress-shoes. Sometimes, she dresses in a Roman toga instead, especially on tournaments. In that case, she also sits on a throne.
She's usually accompanied by two bodyguards, former pit-fighters that are genetically modified to be huge.