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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Yellow the former Triad at Level 2nd

Since I had recently had to create a FWTD character, I also decided to take him to 2nd level, just to see what he would be like.
Also, I asked the GM and he was fine with me taking more Disads than the limit, and he was fine with it. Of course, it helps the GM is me...
Also, I'm using a style from the Tibet corebook for him, but that's because it fits better the backstory. He might be even more terrifying, had I used a style that relies less on Intelligence and more on Strength.
As it is, Li can take on any of the best fighters of the big gangs in the Fates Worse Than Death setting. Of course, he was a former hit-man, so that's kinda to be expected.
I think you can actually read his backstory from his list of advantages and disadvantages. He learned Tai Chi in prison where he was because his father was in maximum security (not from the father). He joined the Triad as soon as he went free. He ran away from a marriage with the Boss's daughter, because he realised she would be unfaithful to him and blackmail him into silence. He took away his bank accounts in an off-shore zone and went to Manahattan where some relatives were supposed to be living.
Turns out, they're VR addicts, so they needed help more often than the other way around, but blood is blood is blood. And since he was into Animal Wars since China, he joined the Animalists.
Of course, he also has to constantly evade the law, and had to deal with hunters from his triad (and one of the gangs in the city wouldn't refuse the money for his head, either). But them's the breaks.

Li Da Huei
Former Triad Gone Rogue
Male, Hetero
Street name: Yellow

Agy 18
Awr 12 poor people sense
Chm 10 Good self-confidence, friendly, poor with authorities
End 15
Inl 10
Spd 16
Sth 14 Good Punching
Wil 15 poor temper
Back to wall 3
Shiv 1
Razormouth 1
Light sleep 2
Law: Chinese criminal 1
Gambling 2
Animal training 2
Prowling 3
Swimming 2
Tracking 1
Acrobatics 3
English: 4
Assassin Armed 4
Assassin Unarmed 4
Tai Chi 6
Wrestling 1
Torture 1
Animal Sexuality2
Animal Defence 1
Animal Rage 1
Animal Survival 1
Animal Sensitivity 1
Animal Sympathy 1
Wilderness Survival 2

Income 100/wk (theoretically)
Cash 230 (27000 in trusts fund under his control)
Implants: Bloodhound smell Muscle: speed, Muscle:s trength, Pheromone, Longevity, Healing, Anti-Toxin, Immune system,  Backup Diaphragm, Backup Heart, Backup oxygen, Hand Dagger, Micro Tentacle, Sexaul Implant, Spectrogtraph, Third Eye, Ultra-sound imager, Voice synth, Pocket, Internal Psych Sensors
Night vision Goggles deluxe, Voice Stress Analyzers, Arm Guards

Crazy Daredevil, Loudmouth, Street Smarth, Animalist (or Common Sense), Hedonist, Humor

Fortune, Upclass, Free Surgery, Innate Brawler, Pain Experienced, Prison Baby, Property Owner: Major
Multi-drug addiction, Debt: credit, Crus, Ex, Enemy: Gang (Math Addicts), Stalker (dead), ESL, No Healthcare, Hunted: Skin borgs, Hunted: FBI, Hunted: Police, Hunted: Hunter (own  father, in hospital on Yellow's pay), Physically unattractive: Minor, Stupid Relatives, Incompetent Dependent (VR Addict wife), Veteran, Bad Rep: Cruelty, Life Debt (Drake)

Typical Action: Split Pain Grab at 1d20+5 Vs 0 and Disbalancing Parry at 1d20+12 (Special Tai Chi action).
Even more often, he leaves it to the opponent to attack and uses his action as a reaction.
Typical Reaction: Split Parry at 1d20+19 Vs 0 (split action included)and Simultaneous Crippling Strike at 1d20+15 Vs 0  (Split Action and bonuses from talent and sub-attribute included).