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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Capoeira in Fates Worse Than Death

And here I present you with a new martial art, stats are for the Fates Worse Than Death system.

Capoeira (Combat)- The PC has trained in the fighting art of Brazilian (runaway) slaves. Legend says its emphais on kicks was in order to give them an excuse they have never lifted a hand against the owner. In reality, it would be unlikely to stave off a punishment – but the feet could be used after someone was in shackles. Today, it's more of a tradition.
Pre-rquisite: Dancing (2), Acrobatics (2), and Music (drums) 1. Optional pre-requisites: Portuguese and Culture (Brazilian) (take both or it doesn't matter).
Gives the following:
+2 per level to initiative
+4 to Split Action: Jump and Strike (kick) or Jump and Knockdown (you get the bonus to both, but if course, can't perform them at once).
+0 to Knockdown (kick)
-4 to Pain/Stun Attack
-4 to Crippling Attack
-4 to Knockout (kick)
-8 to Dodge. Special: if the PC succeeds in the defence against a hand/handheld strike using the bonus from Capoeira, they're now in position to perform an Easy Crippling attack at the opponent's feet. If the attack defended against was a Kick, the character would get an Easy Knockdown instead!
+0 to Jump away
+4 to Drop Seated (Special action: works like a Drop, but you roll against 25. However, whether you succeed in the defence or not, the PC ends up in a position that counts as Seated/Kneeling. Only if you didn't succeed defending and the attack was a Knockback or Knockdown, does the PC end up prone. Cannot be used against a Knockdown that's trying to sweep the legs-as opposed to a Knockdown that's trying to push the upper side of the body).
Special: When using Jump and Strike split action, the PC can get up from a kneeling, seated or
+0 to Regain Footing: Special action – as a reaction (SPD+AGY+Skill+1d20 vs 35), the PC can dodge an attack and
Special: In the action immediately after dropping to Prone or Seated position, the PC has Easy Knockdown (this raises to Very Easy if it was already Easy).

If you've got the optional Pre-requisites at the time of learning the skill (or acquire them after it, but before learning a new level of it):
You get +4 to Slash with straight razors. If the PC isn't wearing shoes, or has boot blades, it can be performed with a blade held by the toes (or the boot blade).

Stats are still subject to change, but I think the idea is clear.