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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Honor+Intrigue: Good news, a final and maybe a new beginning

Our GM (the one we're trying to teach running games) informed me that she wants to cut short the H+I campaign. Obviously, she got a lot into V:tM and wants to run a high-powered campaign.

Now, I think that V:tM+high-powered is a bad idea. But it’s not set for a day my schedule allows me to play, so my opinion is moot. And that’s the good part!
I mean, remember that the point of this campaign was to get her confident enough to run a game?
Yeah, seems like we managed that, if she wants to run something...
So, mission accomplished: we've got another GM that's ready and willing to run games.

Now I just have to talk to the other players and we’ll decide whether someone else should take over the Refereeing part, or whether we should wrap the campaign. But that's the easy part.
Of course, unless we decide to continue it, the H+I updates would stop coming. That means I've got more time to work on my FWTD posts, though!
This actually reminds me, I've still got to finish describing last week's game.