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Monday, 6 May 2013

H+I: France 1625 Act 1 Session 3+: Uneasy marriages and murders

It was a complicated session (or a couple of sessions, but we had to cut one of them short). Mostly, however, Jean-Pierre was doing his thing/any woman he could, while the doctor and the noblewoman were looking for clues about the murder.
That is, JP and Catherine both had standing orders by the Cardinal to investigate. He tried, but got distracted by, well, worldy temptations!
The other PCs had discovered the murdered guy had gone somewhere earlier in the night, and then someone returned with his horse. Someone small, maybe an woman. And he was part of an occultist circle, with the other members being, well, 4 noblemen and noblewomen*. Or at least, we knew about those, because a secret passage lead to their villas.
One of them was our good friend, Mme La Marquise.
Another was the king’s mistress.
Yet another was the guy with a collection of exotic beasts, former owner of an exotic snake whose poison had been used in the murder (the snake had died, but the poison has been preserved). Bad news, that: all of them had received samples. And while the poison was kept in a simple vial with only text to distinguish it, all of this guy’s servants could read. Yes, he was paying for that, just as he had amassed a bunch of people, all from different countries. Catherine was amazed at the useless expenses.
We also learned that the servant who’s been accused of murdering the man – one who had claimed he’s been good to the simple servants – was in fact his bastard daughter. One Mme La Marquise had sheltered without knowing who the mother was. I suspect her identity is the reason he didn’t acknowledge her openly.
And last, but not least, we found out the dead guy has been working on the elixir of youth. And so was our employer, but the dead guy has been ahead of the rest of them (no idea how THAT has been known, and by that time, I didn’t bother asking the King’s mistress, being distracted). Either way, I suspected immediately that Richelieu also wanted his notes.
And with that, the last session had ended, with the PCs interrogating well-educated servants.

The latest worldly temptations of JP had taken the form of a noblewoman – and the King’s mistress – who had been involved in devil-worshipping along with the dead guy. Well, you can’t judge the dead, especially if they’ve got influential relatives.
But you can threaten the living with spoiling their good name. And that’s how he basically intimidated his way under her corset, and in her bed (a man of the cloth discovering you’re an occultist was bad news back then, they say…).
Yes, JP’s now screwing the King’s mistress. More importantly,.he had proved she can be influenced, and asked for a meeting with the Cardinal to report the progress made… in uncovering the King’s plans. Murder? Who cares, when you can blackmail someone who's got at least part of the King's confidence?
On the investigative side, she gave me the names of the other participants in the circle. The doctor I had helped getting married is one of them? WTF?
Ah well, enough is to each day its own evil, and so forth. Meaning I was planning to do something about it later. And probably get to know his new fiancée better, if possible…

*(Our GM admits she prefers roleplaying female NPCs whenever possible. As I said, she’s learning, but for now, it means we get lots of noblewomen that are acting behind the scenes).