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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

FWTD Omake: Why Vampires Suck

For those not in the know: omake just means "addition". It usually means a scene that's played elsewhere, not in front of the characters.

As the Risen lied in his feet, he felt the need to speak while looking at his surroundings. Nobody seemed prone to approach the almost eight-foot-tall warrior with a hatchet.
"You guys amuse me. You style yourself predators of the night to gain followers, dark and tormented and all that shit...and you do it so much that you start believing it, and feeling some kind of supremacy over it. Normally, I would question whether a predator is more dangerous than an omnivore or even a strong herbivore... but it's actually irrelevant.
It's made irrelevant by the fact that you're not even predators! What you are, is called parasites in biology. So, I can attest you fought me like a true vampire, screeching for my blood and swinging claws! But all that means is, you did your best to fight like a leech, because it's your nature. I did my best to fight like a killer ape from the African plains, because that's my nature. Hence, you frankly didn't stand a fucking chance... but it's not like you could use that lesson now.
Why am I telling you that? Isn't it so you could learn the error of your ways? Nah, that was just me feeling supremacist over not being a blood-sucker, and the lecture is over. May God have mercy on your soul... and if those Buddhist guys were right, you might get lucky in the reincarnation roulette, and get to be a real predator, like, say, a stray!"
Then he knelt over and offered his cross to the Risen to kiss. After the defeated turned his head away, he decapitated him and looked around.
Nobody seemed to have noticed the fight in the back alley. For now. If he was lucky, he could even go out of the warehouse and get back to the turf of the Saints of the Corner, without anyone learning who had done that.
At least, the leach had accepted a duel - almost like a man. And some people were going to pay well for the records.

For those not in the know, that's a martial artist in the Fates Worse Than Death setting. He is a member of a Cornerpunk gang I had written about in the "gangs, martial arts and NPCs" post
The Risen are a gang whose member have mytochondrial vampirism. These two actually had something that's quite rare in the 2080 Manhattan: a straight fight.  The Cornerpunk won by his rage, his superior skill, and his custom-made blade.