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Friday, 5 April 2013

One-shots of the decades series: OVER!

My one-shots of the decades series is over! The games, per decades, were: Backswords&Bucklers (70ies), ZeFRS (80ies), Unknown Armies (90ies), Fates Worse than Death (2000s and the only one where the group requested a second session), Enemy Gods (2010s).

End result: I can confirm that different people simply like different stuff! While newer games got more approval overall, the OSR game B&B, based on OD&D, was a major contender. Although I'm still waiting for their feedback, from the "exit polls", I think FWTD wins overall. That's probably due to the setting more than anything else. Brian has put meticulous research into it, and it pays off.

B&B is close behind, though, probably on par with Unknown Armies. Although that's almost definitely due to the players taking a liking to the proto-Victorian setting (only one has mentioned liking the B&B system).

ZeFRS got the lowest note overall. Seems like the 80ies had many good ideas, but the realisation was found lacking by today's gamers.
Of course, it might have been my fault entirely, if I botched running the game. But assuming I made a roughly equal job at presenting them, these are the results!
Make of them what you will.