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Friday, 8 March 2013

 Here's something I'm re-posting from G+ again. Hope the original poster wouldn't mind.

Happy International Women's Day!

Please Observe the Following:

If today, you get the urge to make a post about how amazing you are towards women by creating special rules that dictate how you draw, write, interact with, or game with women, you're missing the point.

Drawing a woman in "reasonable" armor does not further equality, it furthers a particular artistic aesthetic that some women (but certainly not all) are interested in. It does nothing to further equality other than give you happy feels in your tummy, and appeal to those people.

Making specific rules at your table to cater to what you've determined are sensitive issues for women does not further equality - it strengthens negative stereotypes. If you want to make rules that deal with your player's feelings, don't say it's 'for women'. Again, not all women are sensitive, not all women are sensitive in the same ways, and not all women need or want special rules at the table.

Lastly, please avoid getting smug about your recognition of "privilege". No one wants to hear how you've recognized you're an asshole because life is so much better for you than for women. That does nothing to further equality.

So today, if you truly want to celebrate women, don't demean them, don't force them into stereotypes, don't assume that any one person or any one group of people can assume what all (or even a majority) of women need. Realize that women, just like men, are all different people with different needs, different wants, different aesthetic desires, different bodies, different emotions, different sensitivities, and different reactions.

Today, if you truly want to support International Women's Day, show us some of the amazing things that women have done that you love, not what you've done to make the world a safer place for poor, wittle old me.


Since I very much agree with this, today's special awards for our session go to:
Mihi (no, she's not Japanese, or anything other than Bulgarian, that's how we shorten her name), who played a gay male ZeFRS PC (named Sevrin) quite convincingly. Alas, he had fallen for the party's womaniser, another PC who loved him back almost obsessively... but purely as a friend.
Sevrin got over it, and helped said PC hook up with a woman, because the womanizer was actually quite shy, not being used to talking to people (ZeFRS disadvantages lead to some interesting PCs when they combine, and in this case the player was combining having a soft spot for a pretty face, and being shy. Both are disadvantages under the system).

Maria, who brought flowers for International Women's Day to everybody in the group, and a player who was missing from the session.
She played a cultist of a doomsday cult. She had been sent to assassinate another PC, who got the Hunted disadvantage (and she opted for a pre-generated PC, the cultist being one of my offers).
She managed to do it, too, with lethal efficiency. This was the only PC casualty. Actually, he was the only casualty in the session, period, which is slightly unusual for an S&S session...
Then she pulled away the womaniser PC, who had been drugged by lotus powder, and lead the way to the bath. She didn't mind the rest of the party, her orders were just to kill a specific person. Which she had achieved. And walking around in the drug dens had managed to get them to feel closer, I guess.  And she had promised to Sevrin she'd help his friend get over his shyness.
Well, they weren't being so courteous, but there's a lot to be said for direct words.

And of course, the most merit should be awarded to my wife, who was baby-sitting our daughter (together with my mother for company). This way, I was able to go and run said session. Well, I sure came home as early as possible!
I'm sure if she could attend it, this session would have been more lively. But she decided to stay and devote herself to her other hobby, crafting.

 As an additional note, I really need to write an Actual Play of this session.