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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

[Honor+Intrigue] What almost happened this time...

Continuing from last week....

A session almost happened. Except the GM had flu. We have added another player, though.
We've now got a doctor, former pirate and apothecary (and someone please tell me whether the the Doctor career covers drugs, herbs and medicines, or do you need Apothecary for that. My guess is that you need it).
Of course, he's using Drake's style.

In other news, I'm using the time from skipping the session in order to to prepare for my one-shot of the 2000s. As the vote went, I'm going to run Fates Worse Than Death.
Except I'm going to use Synergy v2 (Blue Planet's system), because most of the players wouldn't learn the "native" system of FTWD for a one-shot. Although we're considering a campaign, and it would probably use the original system. Or I might hack RQ6 for that, or Fantasy Dice, or EABA v2, or CORPS v2, if they're out by this time.
The only thing I can guarantee is, FTWD wouldn't fit well with a "narrative" kind of system. But then, a system is actually easier to improvise. What I really like is the setting!