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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Behind the scenes of my wuxia forum game

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, in Henan...
An woman of rare beauty stares at an ancient painting, while her hair is hiding half her face. It shows so many things, one can discover almost anything in it! And everything seems moving in some way, although it really isn't. It's just a painting, after all, albeit one made with exquisite skill.
She's terribly interested in the wounded crane, for its gracious posture makes it so hard to notice the scar marring its feathers, and their total lack at one wing.
She's also terribly interested in the jumping leopard. Speed that can defeat a tiger, despite a tiger being much bigger, lots of power is concentrated in his-or hers?-supple movements. There's also the obvious grace of the predator.
But her eyes keep being averted to the snake. Poison that can kill an elephant, and constricting snares that can strangle almost anything... hidden power that even a tiger is afraid of!
The trouble is, all those animals use their energy in different ways. Although she can almost feel them, she can't emulate them at once...not yet, anyway. But where you start, matters a lot. And sometimes, you only have the time to learn imitating one set. Life is so unpredictable!
She's touching a scar on her face, under the loose hair, and breathing deeply while making her choice...

Sorry, guys, if that's not clear. It's just something that happens because of the characters' actions. Hint, I'm looking for the Chinese translation of "Face-Smasher" for one of them!